Professional Tattoo Inks USA

Tattoos remain under the skin for the rest of the life, therefore it is necessary to use only high-quality, sterile and non-toxic inks. More manufacturers than ever make sterile tattoo inks, and many are even crafted from vegan-friendly, non-toxic, organic ingredients. That doesn't mean that all tattoo ink is safe, though.


There are counterfeits out on the market, as well as tattoo inks made in foreign countries like China that have lower manufacturing standards than the US, Japan and most of Europe. It's not only important to purchase tattoo ink from reputable wholesalers, but also from those who carry quality tattoo ink made from safe, sterile ingredients by top brands you can trust like Intenze, Dynamic, Kuro Sumi, Solid Ink, Millennium Mom's and the other leading ink manufacturers.


They're producing tattoo inks that are free of ingredients that may harm your tattoo clients-known carcinogens like PET plastics, acrylics and solvents. Even ingredients pulled straight from the earth that would logically seem to be organic and therefore safe can actually be harmful, like certain heavy metals, so it's important to purchase brands of tattoo ink that are focused on the health and well-healing of tattoo enthusiasts, as well as the reputations of the tattoo artists who use their products. So when you buy organic tattoo ink, you'll know that it contains only safe all-natural ingredients.


Nowadays a lot of ink manufacturers also offer their vegan-friendly inks that don't any contain any ingredients that are either direct products or bi-products of animals like glycerin carriers that derived from animal fat and pigments made from crushed bone. If you're unsure whether a tattoo ink brand is truly vegan, then stick to one of the top brands that pride themselves on crafting vegan-friendly inks, including Intenze, Kuro Sumi tattoo ink, Dynamic or Mom's Ink by Millennium Colors.


In addition to ingredients all tattoo inks are also classified depending on the type of work. You need to use completely different types of ink for lining and shading, that's why it's very important to choose the right ink depending on the result that you want to get. The inks for shading usually contain smaller powder while inks for lining are sort of "cobblestones" that densely sit in the skin. If you use a shading ink for the outlines, the pigment can easily overcome the intercellular spaces in the skin and pass through the fat layers so the contour of tattoo can blur.


Our store offers you inks made by the best inks manufacturers from all over the world. We have all possible colors and shades that you can imagine. From standard to the most unusual, bright and acidic. For your convenience, the most common black and white inks are sold in large capacity bottles of 360 ml. We also have special sets of tattoo inks that will allow you to create an excellent palette for a beginner with the most "running" shades.